Dear Revenue Canada: Why My Taxes May Be a Little Late This Year

For the past 2 weeks straight I have been begging Brennan to bring his T4 slip home from work. Tonight– after several back and forth text reminders to him at work, multiple phone calls, two sit-down chats and a virtual yelling match: Me: Did you get your T4 slip yet? Brennan: Yes! Wait here and […]

Ontario “Services”

The day after my oldest son’s health card expired, an unplanned trip to the doctor’s for him ended with an xray requisition. Off to Ontario Services we go. We’re in the middle of planning a move for the end of this month and with all the distraction I don’t recall ever getting a renewal form. […]

Catching Up with Kitchener’s Indie Festival

Catching Up with Kitchener’s Indie Festival.

Passions of the Young and Ambitious

Passions of the Young and Ambitious.

The Way We Were

The Way We Were.

Warrior Nights

3:19 am this morning after about half an hour of being bounced around in the bed by Todd’s flailing legs and arms Todd: Are you cold? (I had just turned the electric fireplace back on in our bedroom.) Me: Yes and you’ve been busy playing warrior in your sleep. Todd: I was beating up an […]

Suck it Snow

Todd: What is that noise outside? Me: It sounds like a vacuum cleaner. Maybe someone got a snow vacuum for Christmas. Why just blow the snow around when you can suck it up? Todd: A snow vacuum? Me: Yeah. Think of the money it would save the city from having to haul it away. Todd: […]