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Dear Revenue Canada: Why My Taxes May Be a Little Late This Year

For the past 2 weeks straight I have been begging Brennan to bring his T4 slip home from work. Tonight– after several back and forth text reminders to him at work, multiple phone calls, two sit-down chats and a virtual yelling match:

Me: Did you get your T4 slip yet?

Brennan: Yes! Wait here and I will bring it right to you.

He goes downstairs while I victory dance  at the top.  60 seconds later, he climbs back upstairs, blaring Bose bluetooth speaker in hand. It was Zeppelin–so clearly I have done some things right. He puts the bluetooth on the kitchen counter and starts to make dinner (which I am not at all complaining about).  Two beats pass.

Me: Where is it?

Brennan: Where’s what?

I stare incredulously into his eyes and we both simultaneously facepalm.


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