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The Infinite Jest of David Foster Wallace

Infinite JestInfinite Jest by David Foster Wallace

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

****Spoiler Alert

I grew out of choose your own ending adventures sometime after middle school. The Infinite Jest of DFW is that we will infinitely be left choosing our own ending. I don’t regret the two months I spent reading IJ, but I am angry with DFW’s arrogance of wasting my time by depositing stories within the story hidden in the Notes & Errata, forcing me to scour through over 200 pages only to come out no further ahead than when I started. I suppose there is some closure in knowing the whereabouts of the IJ cartridge in the end, but I can’t help but feeling much of the truth of IJ is buried with DFW in the same way the cartridge was buried with Incandenza.
DFW’s imaginative foray into the not-so-distant future is undoubtedly entertaining as we explore each cartridge except for the one we most want to explore and I still think someone should contact Hollywood with Incandenza’s idea for the yellow pages reality show.

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