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Planet Eightyswood

Here’s a couple of entertainment articles I wrote baaaaack in my reporting days.

WeirdAl   This is the original colour image I took that was published with the article below in black and white.

Al Yankovic_WhiteOaksNews1995

Weird Al was mind-numbingly normal. Must have caught him on an off day.

While everyone was waiting for him at the front of the store, I snuck around to the back and met his stretch SUV as it arrived. His agent or bodyguard or whatever he was, took a shining to me and invited me to walk with Al to the inside store entrance and have a full interview with him. Either my questions pissed Al off or he didn’t appreciate being interviewed while he was signing autographs. By the fifth or sixth question I could tell he thought I was a pain in the ass and was pissed with the guy who agreed to the interview. I wasn’t a Weird fan and hadn’t done any research into his early Doctor Demento days. He quickly lost patience with my blatant lack of knowledge of his full career, but I got the article I was after and that’s really all that counts to a reporter.


I was a fan of Images in Vogue back in the 80’s however and was thrilled to be assigned to cover them when they played in my home town of Welland. That interview was something else. I met with the band in a tiny, dingy motel room at the Welland House where they were playing. The whole time he was talking to me, lead singer Dale Martindale sat on the bed shredding the bedspread with a coat hanger. Meanwhile the drummer sat watching me in a mirror. Google tells me this was cEvin Key, founding member of Skinny Puppy. Wikipedia says he’s also known as Scaremeister. He certainly managed to frighten my 17 year-old self in that mirror. His skin was a deathly pallor accentuated by heavy eyeliner. He had a strange little pill box hat on his head and sniffed every two seconds. And I distinctly remember thinking, damn it, why didn’t I get the Gowan gig instead.


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