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Out of Office

When I was growing up, Costa Rica was one of those places you only heard about on The Price is Right. It was never a place you’d dream of actually traveling to unless Bob Barker invites you to, “Come on down.”

In this dream, my friend and co-worker Cat is about to embark on a business trip to Costa Rica. Our office is a bus terminal full of your garden variety office cubicles. There’s a bus waiting at the front of the rows, and Cat is patiently waiting for the bus to leave. I decide to hop on board to keep her company until her departure.

We’re chatting for awhile when I realize the bus is moving. More importantly, the bus is air born and I’m panicking because all I can think of is, who the hell is going to pay for an unauthorized business trip to Costa Rica? But there’s no getting off this flying bus now so I figure I might as well settle in.

After awhile, I have no idea how long in dream time, the bus travels by ground again, still taking to the air to move effortlessly over traffic when necessary. At some unannounced point, we’re suddenly shipboard and it’s all perfectly natural. Various sea adventures occur which I can’t recall before the ship docks at its first port. My dad is there to save the day by picking me up. Todd, inexplicably appearing, tells him to go home because damn it, he wants to go to Costa Rica. Sadly, I have to break it to him that there’s no way my company is going to pay for this trip once they find out my dad came to pick me up and I refused to leave.  Seemingly coming to his senses, Todd basically says something to the effect of, “I’ll send you a post card,” and prepares to reboard the ship.


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