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Married to the 64-bit Mind

On Friday my husband surprised me with a lovely birthday dinner at the Cambridge Mill. Sizing up the dessert menu, he asked me, “What do they use instead of flour in the flourless chocolate cake? “

I looked up at the ceiling and thought about this for exactly one minute before responding, “I don’t know.”
“It took you that long to come up with I don’t know?”

“Well, at least I thought about it,” I retorted. “I didn’t just immediately say–I don’t know.”

“See that’s the difference between you and me. I have the 64-bit OS. I don’t have to search my database. I immediately know whether I know something or not. Whereas you sit searching, searching, searching just to decide whether you know an answer or not.”

I could have been insulted by this. Okay, I was momentarily insulted by this but when I thought a little deeper, I thought, perhaps he was right. All these years, I’ve been accusing him of not giving any thought to my questions when he instantaneously responds with, “I don’t know.” Maybe I should give him the benefit of the doubt and just accept that, maybe he really genuinely doesn’t know and thinking really hard about whatever it is I’m asking him at the time won’t help. Since he doesn’t seem bothered by my need to ponder whether I may know the answer or not to a question he’s asking, why should I be irritated when he demonstrates no need to search his database.

And it was just that simple. A 20 year-old argument with a happy ending thanks to a flourless chocolate cake and the 64-bit mind explained.


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